Wonderful painter, teacher, and grandfather <3

 Изображение  Wonderful painter, teacher, and grandfather. I love him. His name is Ayser, rare name, but so native for me. His last name is Matevosyan, as mine :D   Best days of my childhood I spent with him. Every day I was playing with him lots of different and interesting games, every evening he was telling me fairy tales, and  every time a new one :)

As I said before he is a painter and he has more than thousand paintings. By looking at them you can “read” the story of his life.  Every time I look at them I see myself inside of them running through  beautiful flowers, I feel warm of the sunshine.  Usually he paints nature, Armenian nature, nature of that village called “Gegharot” where he was born.

Words aren’t enough to describe what I feel every time when I look at his paintings. I like them, I feel them. Yes, he is one of more than thousand or maybe million artists in the world, but he is special, not because he is my grandfather, no, because he is really special.

He is one of members of the Union of Artists of Armenia since 1988 and a member of UNESCO since 1996. He had many exhibitions in different countries. My grandfather continues, and I am sure, he will continue drawing because he simply can’t stop it. Drawing for him is like oxygen  for us. It is a part, an important part of his life…

Dear grandfather, I want you to know that I love you, and will always love you. I wish you all the best and good luck ;)

(For more painting and information about his art  visit his website ->www.kartini.3dn.ru . or leave your comment here :) thank you :D )

P.S. That’s my first post in English, so you can congratulate me :P


4 thoughts on “Wonderful painter, teacher, and grandfather <3

  1. Человек, как и дерево, сильно своими корнями. Мощные корни, получившие питание и влагу из почвы, дают силу стволу, веткам, листьям. На таком дереве не может высохнуть ни один лист. И еще: надо ценить то, что имеешь.

  2. The flowers are very familiar and dear to me.Really should be proud of such a talented grandfather,and not only you but all of us are proud of him))))Gegharot foreverrrrrrrrrrr 😀

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