” Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself ” -unknown

my-life  Do you have goals? of course! Without
them your life would be meaningless. Or not? Maybe your only goal
is just to enjoy this life? Because sometimes, when you have
goals and you do, or you try to do, or you think you do try to do everything to reach them,
you start to feel anxiety about it and it results in stress. True? Maybe, in
some cases. So what? Live without any goals, dreams, wishes? Impossible! Everyone’s life has its unique purpose, aim. Everyone of us came here (to this world) with a special ” mission”. But that doesn’t mean we all came here and we all have to waste our lives by just looking for “ourselves”. At the end life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.
So if you have dreams and you already “created yourself” (as mentioned above) that is very nice but if you do not have any, just try to do good things, try to make people smile, try to find a major, a “field”, where it would be  comfortable to you to continue to live, act as you are, as your personality is. Do not try to look like someone else, because every one of us in his or her character  has positive and negative sides as well. BE AS YOU ARE!! Act as you want to. Do not let people to do different experiments with your life. It is YOUR life not theirs…


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