Armenian Alphabet ♥



6 thoughts on “Armenian Alphabet ♥

    • Dear Tamar, that’s not the Soviet version, this is the eastern Armenian alphabet,and there is a big difference between them) we cannot say which one is real and not. Coming to western Armenian alphabet, it is good for you (and everyone) to know that but we cannot compare it with an Eastern one. These are two different branches of our language and every Armenian should know both of them )))
      And Thanks for the visit 🙂

      • LOL!!! it was changed through Stalin’s orders by Apeghian 😛 it is NOT a branch of the language but a blatant attempt by the ruling USSR regime to divide the East and the West. Ask any of the learned linguists or professors in Armenia.. the common people have forgotten the early atrocities of the Russians in those days 😉 On the other hand, where we have lost the intricate sounds for some of the letters, the Eastern Armenians have retained it. We have the real alphabet, you have the real sounds 😛

      • Sorry, but you have wrong notions about our language 🙂 Mashtots created our letters according to sounds in our language. And why did he have to create 2 letters for one sound?? And western Armenian is influences by Turish language (it is when some of Armenian were living in Polis or how you call it Bolis) (I know, this sentence will be kind of harfull for you, but this is fact:)) And it was changed (as you said) not by Apeghian, his last name is Abovyan (you call him Apovian) 🙂 onli after him Abeghyan ‘came’.
        Anyway, the fact is a fact, now the official language of Armenia is EASTERN Armenian, and if you want to live, study, work or whatever there, you should know Eastern Armenian 😉 Just Let’s respect each other, each others beliefs and points of views, this discussion doesn’t have an end but if you want to continue feel free 😛 )))

      • yes… mandated by Stalin to incur assimilation 😉 I just said that Eastern Armenian has kept the correct sounds, didn’t I? LOL! We kept the correct letters and you the correct sounds 😛

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