I’m done with my Midyear exams! Yaaay! And actually they were not as difficult as I was expecting (of course I’m not talking about Math,because it is a subject, which always was so complicated and not understandable for me). Except 100s of pages that I have studied by heart and many interesting and boring lessons this exams taught me to think positive despite everything. Because if you think positive only positive stuff surrounds you. And your luck depends on your mood as well. If you do not trust yourself everything is gonna go wrong and, as a result, you will confront failure. But if you think positive just be sure that good luck is in front of you… So just give yourself a chance to be a happy person, who’s “charged” positively 🙂 And by this way you will be a luckiest person and you will succeed. You will reach your goals and your dreams will become true. You will have more friends around you who will always be ready to help you 🙂 … By the way, as I am already done with my exams I will have more time to spend it on my blog ans writing new posts… — BEST OF LUCK! Ani Matevosyan ))


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